Introducing our new private Beta product Vendor Intelligence

Rivial has always established our brand by doing quality security work, specializing in Risk Assessments, Business Continuity, Audits and now we’d like to announce that a private Beta is underway for our new product, Vendor Intelligence.

To provide some context as to why we are creating this product, there are regulatory, legal, and financial reasons to keep tabs on your critical vendors, suppliers, and service providers.

Rivial Vendor Intelligence makes it easy to perform quality due diligence without having to do the research yourself. Get accurate, rich data about your Vendors in user-friendly reports.

Detailed reporting covers Engagement, Perception, Corporate Status and Financial Stability (Premium) for each Critical Vendor

Rivial Vendor Intelligence Report

At Rivial, we’ve developed a software as a service application known as Vendor Intelligence that can accurately report on vendor data across many disparate data sources. It’s this incredibly rich data that we use to create your Critical Vendor Reports for each of your Vendors. View a free sample of a Critical Vendor Monthly Report (PDF).

Currently Rivial Beta Partners get access to these reports at an introductory rate of $499/year for your first 10 Critical Vendors. And with Rivial you will get a full year’s service of monthly updates to each of your Critical Vendors, emailed each month with attached PDFs and all for less than $5/month per vendor.
Vendor Intelligence Reporting $499 / Year (10 vendors)
Vendor Intelligence Premium Reporting $1499 / Year (same 10 vendors)
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment - $2500 per IT service vendor
To be considered for our private Beta please fill out the form below and be sure to include your critical vendors.

We will review each form submitted and get back to you within 24 hours.

The Beta is closed, but our released product can be found at