R.I.T.A.  - Unlimited Vulnerability Scans for Unlimited IT Security

Meet R.I.T.A. - Rivial Integrated Testing Appliance

This simple device plugs into your network to provide complex security for your organization.  R.I.T.A. gives you unlimited vulnerability scans on-demand or automatically with a schedule of your choosing.


What You Get

  • Unlimited Vulnerability Scans
  • Easy-to-read report within 24 hours
  • Integration with all major scanners
  • Ability to schedule all scans ahead of time
  • Rivial experts available to walk through your report
  • Remediation assistance available

How It Works

  1. We send you the R.I.T.A. device
  2. Simply plug it into your router with a network cable
  3. R.I.T.A. connects automatically
  4. Work with your Rivial Security Consultant to set up a custom schedule for your scans to run
  5. When a scan has been completed, you'll receive an email with access to your comprehensive report

Get To Know R.I.T.A.

Schedule a 20 minute strategy session with our leadership team to discuss your IT goals.