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Annual Audits Are History

Reduce Stress and Effort with Continuous Compliance


At Rivial Data Security we know threats and information systems are changing faster than ever. To stay ahead of the compliance and security issues that keep you up at night, Rivial has moved above and beyond required regulatory services.


With year-round assessment of your IT risk and compliance, our data security management solutions minimize system vulnerabilities and take the stress out of annual audits. 



Our team leverages integrated in-house software, allowing financial institutions to identify and correct key cybersecurity issues before they arise.

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Rivial Data Security Services


IT Audit

Rivial offers both traditional IT Audit service as well as an alternative approach, Continuous Compliance. Our alternative service, Continuous Compliance, streamlines the IT security controls audit process using a combination of proprietary software, a proven framework, and easy-to-read reports to help you ensure compliance. Instead of cramming all your audit tasks into two weeks, we are able to manage it over the course of the year, reducing stress on the entire team. Learn more


Risk Assessment

Rivial helps improve your security posture by conducting a comprehensive, software-driven assessment of your operations and controls. We then develop a customized risk strategy with actionable recommendations. Learn more


Virtual CISO

You don’t need a full-time executive to build a robust cybersecurity program. We can develop and maintain a complete policy framework for your organization and execute it, all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time security person. Learn more


Cybersecurity Assessments

For financial institutions we perform CAT/ACET based cybersecurity assessments, PCI self-assessments, and others to make sure you’re in compliance across the board. Your network of third-party vendors could be exposing you to risk. When vendors have access to your sensitive data, their security is your security. Rivial assesses vendor controls and policies to help you stay compliant and avoid data breaches. Learn more


Security Testing

The only way to trust  that your information is safe is to put the security of your IT environment to the test. We perform vulnerability scans, penetration testing and social engineering to simulate real-life cyber attacks and identify vulnerabilities before attackers do . Learn more


User Training

Your institution's security is only as strong as your team. A major breach could happen from something as simple as one of your employees clicking on a vulnerable email. We offer various types of training to help keep your employees educated on how to recognize and avoid external breaches. Learn more

Data Security Management Is No Longer a Mystery

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The security testing Rivial did for us provided a ton of value. We were given a well-organized, high-quality report that spoke clearly to our Board and outlined technical details later in the document. Our examiners appreciated the thorough testing done and the reporting format. I enjoyed working with Rivial and plan to do so again in the future.

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