Cyber Risk and Compliance Solutions

Quantify Risk. Automate Compliance. Simplified Cybersecurity Management.


Your CISO life should be easier. Now, it is. Accurately measure risk, make smart, ROI-backed security decisions, and wow auditors (and the board) with automated, integrated, and incisive cyber reporting.

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Transform your cybersecurity program. They did.

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Trusted by forward-thinking Security Leaders and vCISOs, Rivial’s all-in-one, cyber management platform is the only tool you need.

Built for security pros by security pros

Modern cybersecurity programs shouldn’t be difficult to decipher, or cumbersome to implement. Rivial’s Platform is the only end-to-end, single pane of glass cyber management platform designed for today’s busy security leaders. Our platform will transform your security program and your work life in a matter of weeks. We know, because it transformed ours.

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Everything you need in one place to look and feel like a cybersecurity hero.

The Rivial Platform is intuitive and fully customizable. It’s fitted with easy-to-use tools and templates, time-saving automations, thoughtful integrations, and an at-a-glance dash that provides you with a real-time, bird’s eye view of your entire program. Backed by the unlimited training and support of Rivial’s team of security experts, you’ll be flying along in no time. (Cape not included.)


Easily manage all aspects of your cybersecurity program with an all-in-one, seamless platorm. Assess, roadmap, monitor, manage, and report from one place.


Know the status of your entire security program at all times with continuous monitoring, real-time risk, and automated alerts and reminders. One login. One platform.


Upload evidence and other security data in one place to see it automatically populate across multiple control frameworks and update your posture in real time.


Save hours of time with Rivial's one-click reporting; automatically generate comprehensive IT risk, compliance, audit, and board reports.

Accurately Measure risk

Don’t bore the board with vague risk ratings when you can wow them with real numbers.

Fuzzy "High, Medium, and Low" risk ratings make executive eyes glaze over. Money talks, so speak to them in dollars and cents. Watch their eyes light up as you present them with accurate risk calculations, ROI-backed decision-making tools, and powerful, automated board reports. Gain the board’s confidence and get access to the funding and resources you need to take your security program to the next level.


Accurately quantify, measure, and remediate risk without an in-house army of IT, security and compliance experts on staff.


Easily assign actual dollar amounts to your risk exposure for each IT system instead of using vague 'High, Medium and Low’ risk ratings.


Build confidence in the accuracy of your cybersecurity program by presenting the ROI and financial impact of your risk mitigation efforts.


Predict potential financial losses with an in-platform algorithm that leverages Monte Carlo analysis, Cyber Risk Quantification, and real-world breach data.


It’s time to love your job again. With Rivial, you will.


Bogged down by unwieldy documentation, cumbersome reporting, and a tedious workflow, security leaders often find themselves scrambling when audit time rolls around. Now you can eliminate inefficiencies, boost accuracy, and reduce reporting effort. Rivial’s automated audit prep and tracking tools will help you work proactively all year long. And effortless, one-click reporting will keep you ahead of schedule and cool as a cucumber when the auditor comes knocking.


Easily assign compliance tasks to evidence owners and automatically send reminders to upload evidence when it expires or is past due.


Automatically update compliance status across multiple control frameworks in real time as soon as new evidence is uploaded.


Allow auditors to complete audits faster by exporting evidence for each control framework to quickly and easily prove compliance.


Get the full Rivial experience with pre, during, and post audit support. We are happy to meet with auditors and walk through the platform and methodology.

Auditors love Rivial almost
as much as security leaders do.

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You guys are cutting edge. If everybody was doing this, my job would be so much easier. Nothing I’ve seen comes close to what Rivial is doing.
NCUA Examiner

In addition to unlimited training and support, here are some other numbers that make our clients swoon.



On average, clients reduce $5 million of risk annually. Our risk analysis engine prioritizes remediations based on ROI.



Clients save 60% of the time it is currently taking them to manage their security program. And that’s with improved security!



Rivial automates the evidence collection process to help ISOs spend 80% less time on audit preparation each year.

The platform you’ve only imagined in your wildest cybersecurity dreams is here.

And, it’s so easy, so fast, and so powerful, it will give you goosebumps. (No, really. One of our clients actually got goosebumps during the demo.)

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