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Why We Are Different

Other providers are content to tell you what you’re doing wrong and offer broad recommendations. At Rivial we’re focused on helping you truly understand your unique IT security challenges and what you’ll need to do to ensure continuous compliance.


When you hire Rivial, you’re gaining a hands-on, high availability partner that banks and other financial institutions have relied on for almost two decades.

Our Methodology

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Rivial Security Services

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Rivial helps you improve your security posture by conducting a comprehensive, software-driven assessment of your operations and controls, then developing a customized risk strategy with actionable recommendations.

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Annual IT Audits Without the Stress

Regulations require banks and credit unions to review their IT security controls annually. Rivial streamlines this audit process using a combination of proprietary GRC software, a proven framework, and easy-to-read deliverables to help you ensure compliance. And, instead of cramming all your audit tasks into two months, we manage it over the course of the year, which reduces stress on the entire team. 

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Virtual CISO to Oversee Cybersecurity

You don’t need a full-time executive to build a robust cybersecurity program. Rivial can develop and maintain a complete policy framework for your organization and execute it, all for less than the salary of your average CISO.

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Put Your Information Security System to The Test

The only way to know your information is safe is to put the security of your IT environment to the test. Rivial uses penetration testing and social engineering to simulate real-life cyber attacks and identify vulnerabilities before criminals do.

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Assess Your Third Party Cybersecurity Vendors 

Your network of third-party vendors could be exposing you to risk. When vendors have access to your sensitive data, their security is your security. Rivial assesses vendor controls and policies to help you stay compliant and avoid data breaches.

What Clients Are Saying

The security testing Rivial did for us provided a ton of value. We were given a well-organized, high-quality report that spoke clearly to our Board and outlined technical details later in the document. Our examiners appreciated the thorough testing done and the reporting format. I enjoyed working with Rivial and plan to do so again in the future.
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CEO, $200M Credit Union
We began using Rivial Security in 2015 and have been very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism. Their work is top notch and the Audit Committee appreciates the scope and depth of their work. In addition, Randy is a valued consultant. He helps us in planning and designing our IT security environment. We feel that our relationship with Rivial is much more than an audit relationship. We have a value-added relationship that strengthens our IT function.
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CFO, $100M Bank
Rivial uses a very collaborative approach. The recommendations from their audits and assessments are valuable and actionable. Not the pedantic sort we have seen from other firms.
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IT Director, $700M Bank
We wanted our risk assessments to be more than a check box for compliance. Rivial really understood the value we can get out of our risk assessments, elevating them to a productive process to determine our current security posture and the controls needed to mature our security program.
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CIO, $7B Credit Union
We had a practice of rotating our IT audit to get “different” looks, but after our very positive experience and comfort level with Rivial, we have kept them on for 3 years now. We feel we get a great thorough audit without the big learning curve and the risk of not finding a competent company. I would highly recommend Rivial.
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CFO, $600M Bank
We have worked with Randy and his staff for three years specifically for our IT risk assessment. Rivial's methodologies and reporting has been well received by our 3rd party auditors and regulatory examiners. One of the best things about Rivial is that they take the time to understand the financial institution's needs and offer the right level of service. They are not interested in selling you unnecessary services. Randy and his staff are so easy with which to work and we are very happy with Rivial's performance. So much that we just signed a multi-year renewal for our IT risk assessment adding IT compliance audit and penetration testing.
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CIO, $220M Credit Union
Randy and his team were easy to work with since day one. During their onsite visit for our IT Audit, they showed professionalism in staff interviews and branch visits. Together we were able to augment our security program. Rivial ensured we were aware of compliance changes that were coming up and even held a conference call to go through them with the team.
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CIO, $259M Credit Union
I’ve been meaning to pass along some kind words about Lucas, by the way. He’s been astounding to work with and incredibly professional. I was working late one night trying to get our FFIEC CAT imported into Quantivate and Lucas didn’t hesitate to jump in an help me out, getting everything imported and answering all the questions I had. And that’s not atypical in my interactions with him. He’s gold. I appreciate it!
network manager
Network Manager at a $2B Credit Union

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