Cybersecurity Incident Response MANAGEMENT

You’ll Never be Caught Off Guard with Tested, Easy-to-Follow Playbooks


Create and regularly update usable playbooks specifically designed for each incident type with our automated, one-click incident response plan builder. Tested, ready-to-go plans ensure your organization is always prepared.

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Plan, Practice, & Respond

The incident response module consists of four sections, including a module dashboard where you can find a concise overview of relevant incident response systems, prioritized response action items, exercises, teams, incidents, and detections. Make sure your organization is always prepared and every stakeholder knows their role with accessible, tested, and ready-to-go procedures and playbooks


Build Your Plan

Use our self-guiding templates and prompts to enter the various teams of people, places, policies, escalation path, detections, and systems that you will need. Continue following the built-in prompts and templates to easily build out your general response procedures and scenario-specific playbooks.



Create your own exercises using injections, objectives, observations, and recommendations that will tie into audit findings, teams, and documents to help you refine your response plans and improve your security posture.



When an incident is detected, select the playbook sections you need and follow our dynamic checklists as they guide you through the response process from start to finish.The platform will automatically generate a list of prioritized action items that came out of the process.

Incident Response Features Our Security Leaders Love

1-click incident response builder automates planning, maintenance, and updates for usable playbooks and general response procedures.

Rivial allows you to easily build, view, store, and maintain scenario-specific playbooks when general incident response procedures fall short.

During exercises and actual incidents user-friendly, dynamic checklists assist and guide you through the entire incident response process.

Each exercise and incident, resulting audit findings, and action items, are automatically documented and integrated with the rest of your cybersecurity program to give you a real-time view of your risk posture and compliance readiness.

Rivial’s incident response planning exceeds all best practice and regulatory requirements.

Rivial’s incident response testing and reporting gives you a complete review of your plan, including lessons learned and gap analysis reporting, for responding to a data breach or other computer security incident.

Transform Your Cybersecurity Incident Response with Six Seamless Modules and Unlimited Possibilities

Our automated platform is the only end-to-end, single pane of glass cyber management solution. Backed with unlimited training and support by a team of top notch security pros, Rivial gives you everything you need to reimagine your security program and revolutionize the way you work. Explore our modules to learn more about our platform or schedule a demo to get started now.

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