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Let Rivial Do the Hard Work for You


Love the Rivial platform, but don’t have the time, manpower, or desire to handle cybersecurity tasks in-house? Not a problem! Let our team manage it for you.

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Take Advantage of Our Cybersecurity Solutions

There’s a lot to love about our platform, and even more to love when you consider our team can completely take on the tasks of implementing your cybersecurity program for you.

We can act as a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, providing you with cybersecurity leadership and expertise.

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We utilize our platform to achieve continuous and accurate risk measurements in financial values for you, enabling informed decision-making.

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With our team on the job, you’ll experience seamless compliance year-round with our ongoing compliance management solution, eliminating the need for last-minute audit prep.

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Rivial will deliver a monthly prioritized report of all your vulnerabilities — simply log in, assign, and remediate. We can also provide additional insights for helping manage vulnerabilities.

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What Our Clients Love About Rivial Solutions

The Rivial Security team deserves a special mention as they remain responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely care about helping you succeed. Any questions or concerns I brought up were always addressed promptly.

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Replace Your Useless Assessments

Whether it’s vulnerability management, compliance management, or any of our other solutions offerings, it all begins with an expertly done assessment. We deliver innovative solutions that go beyond conventional approaches, offering your team actionable insights instead of the familiar and less effective methods you may have encountered in the past.


Roadmap Your Path to Maturity

We can track and manage various aspects of your cybersecurity ecosystem — including risk assessments, security policies and procedures, incident response planning, compliance, and overall security posture. It’s all done to ensure effective protection of your organization's digital information assets.


It’s Not Enough To Just Know There’s a Problem

What good is knowing where your vulnerabilities lie if you don’t know the next steps? We not only tell you what needs your attention — we do so in a way that prioritizes the issues that require remediation first, delivered via a monthly prioritized report of all your vulnerabilities.


IT Tickets and Spreadsheets Are a Thing of the Past

Every solution we offer you takes advantage of automation in order to require as little manual effort as possible. From automated risk assessment updates to the automatic removal of duplicates in your vulnerabilities report, it’s all done to make your day-to-day life easier.


Clearly Communicate Your Findings

Executives and other key stakeholders don’t want to hear vague generalizations; they want dollar amounts and timelines — and that is precisely what we deliver. Rivial makes it simple to share what needs to be done, in what order it should be done, and what it will cost (plus what it will cost to let it go!)

Additional Services We Offer

Say goodbye to risks, vulnerabilities, manual tasks, and all of the worries that go along with them.


IT Audit

How can you know where you need to improve without knowing where you currently stand? Through Rivial, your organization can opt for a traditional IT audit or upgrade to Continuous Compliance for a more streamlined process.


Cyber Assessments

We offer CAT/ACET-based cybersecurity assessments, FedLine Assessments, PCI self-assessments, and any other type of self-assessment.


User Training

The best wall in the world won’t keep the bad guys out if someone leaves the gate open. Just the same, we offer training to keep your employees educated on how to recognize and avoid external breaches.


Penetration Testing

Where are your weak spots? Let us answer that question before someone else does. Our team of security experts can run security testing and scans to identify vulnerabilities before attackers do.

Rivial’s Solutions Will Enhance Efficiency and Boost Your Security

Book a time with our security experts to see everything we have to offer your company, from automated reports to user training and so much more.

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