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Automate Your Vulnerability Management Efforts


The days of manual efforts, putting in tickets to IT, and filling in long spreadsheets are over. With the Rivial platform, automation not only makes the entire cybersecurity vulnerability management process easier but also offers insights you may otherwise miss.

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Vulnerability Management

Ease Your Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Woes

Our platform empowers you to not only identify vulnerabilities but also automate the entire vulnerability management lifecycle. This proactive and automated approach helps you stay ahead of potential threats, reduce manual workloads, and enhance overall cybersecurity resilience.


Auto Group Duplicates and Repeats

By automating the grouping of duplicate and repeated vulnerabilities, we make your reports easier to read, understand, and use for actionable next steps.


Start With the Most Critical

The Rivial platform provides a place to see all of your vulnerabilities at once, plus auto-prioritizes the most critical vulnerabilities — making it simple to prioritize the issues that must be addressed first.


One-Click Reporting

What used to take a team of cybersecurity personnel hours upon hours can now be done with the click of a button!


Track the Age of Vulnerabilities

How long has your organization been vulnerable to a certain issue? Is this pressing issue brand-new, or has it been lying in wait? Our platform provides the answers.


Create a Clean Report

Our auto-resolve feature makes it possible to clean up your report so it’s easy to digest. Plus, you can easily mark false positives so there’s never any confusion.


Unlimited Support and Training

You’re never on your own. With our unlimited support and training, you have access to all of the help you need in order to use our platform to the best of your ability.


Continuously Manage

The Rivial platform ensures that any new vulnerabilities are promptly identified and addressed.


Take a Proactive Approach

A proactive approach to vulnerability management minimizes the risk of exploitation between scheduled scans.

Advanced Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management 

Automate your vulnerability management lifecycle and stay ahead of potential threats with our platform — your key to minimizing manual workloads and enhancing your organization's cybersecurity resilience.

Managing, tracking, prioritizing and remediating those vulnerabilities have never been quicker, easier, and more efficient.

After you run your scan, our platform features monitoring mechanisms to detect new vulnerabilities promptly, ensuring you remain aware of potential threats.

Utilize automated algorithms to prioritize vulnerabilities based on their severity, potential impact, and exploitability. Doing so helps you focus on addressing your most critical security risks first.

Automate the identification and deployment of necessary security patches, streamlining the entire process to close vulnerabilities efficiently and reduce the risk of exploitation.

Implement automation to simplify and expedite the process of addressing identified vulnerabilities.

Automated reports provide comprehensive insights into your vulnerability landscape — including trends, historical data, and actionable recommendations for remediation — all of which facilitate informed decision-making.

A Game Changer for Vulnerability Management!

Transform your cyber program with six seamless modules and unlimited possibilities

Our automated platform is the only end-to-end, single pane of glass cyber governance solution. Backed with unlimited training and support by a team of top notch security pros, Rivial gives you everything you need to reimagine your security program and revolutionize the way you work. Explore our modules to learn more about our platform or schedule a demo to get started now.

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Our platform significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of vulnerability management processes. When you’re ready to see it in action, reach out to our team and book a time for a personalized demo.

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