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Finally, one place to assess, roadmap, manage, monitor, & report cybersecurity


Meet the new hub for all your organization’s cybersecurity activities. Always bring your CISO A-game with continuous monitoring, real-time risk assessments, automated alerts and reminders, and a powerful at-a-glance dash to keep you in the know and in control.


Powerful, Integrated Platform Modules for Security Leaders, MSSPs, and vCISOs

Rivial’s six modules work together seamlessly to provide you with one comprehensive solution.

Set and roadmap your path to maturity with the Rivial Cybersecurity Blueprint, track findings, manage policies, manage your calendar, quickly generate your board report, store your documents, and more.

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Get a real-time and continuous evaluation of your risk, easily manage the risk assessment process, and save time by uploading evidence only once to support controls across your security program.

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The Compliance module provides continuous monitoring to help your organization maintaining compliance with one or multiple control frameworks. Upload evidence once to see it sync across all relevant controls. 

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Upload and manage vulnerability scan data. This module allows you to schedule, aggregate, track, and respond to vulnerability testing.

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This module helps you keep track of vendor security, and perform internal reviews on vendor solutions. 

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Plan, practice, and respond to incidents across all components of your security program. Easily build and maintain your own custom playbooks

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Keep scrolling to learn how Rivial can revolutionize your CISO work life and secure your business. 

A Game Change for Cybersecurity Management. I have had the pleasure of using The Rivial Cyber Security Management Platform, and I must say, it's nothing short of a game-changer when it comes to ongoing management of your critical security information.

Assess  |  Track  |  Remediate  |  Automate  |  Present

Assess your risk in real-time

Proactive cyber management begins with a hard, honest, & comprehensive look

Standard security programs often stagnate under a fog of disjointed processes, scattered tools, and indecipherable platforms. This fragmented approach consumes time, money, and manpower all without ever providing a clear view of risk posture or maturity.

The Rivial Platform lifts the fog on cyber management with a streamlined, data-driven risk assessment that will provide the comprehensive, quantifiable, and real-time security information you need to make smart, proactive, ROI-based security decisions. Built-in tools and templates make ongoing assessments easier, accurate, and more actionable than ever, allowing your organization to stay on top of and ahead of risk.

Roadmap Your Way to Maturity

Getting You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Following a comprehensive risk assessment, your organization will be armed with its very own cybersecurity blueprint. Your blueprint provides a real-time view of your current maturity and a clear, actionable, and cost-effective path to achieving your cybersecurity goals.

Coupled with the blueprint, the action center provides you and your team with a visual and itemized list of prioritized remediations based on ROI. Move forward confidently, knowing you’re taking responsible and sure-footed steps to continually improve your security program.

Remediate And Manage

Centralized, end-to-end oversight for easy-breezy cyber management

Rivial’s single pane of glass platform has it all, and it’s all in one place. Our fully integrated, automated system enables a standardized team workflow that reduces errors, eliminates redundancies, multiple logins, and other Inefficiencies associated with managing a fragmented program.

Our six modules work in tandem along with smart integrations and automated alerts to unify all of your CISO systems and tools in one, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for busy security leaders. Rivial’s cybersecurity management platform allows you to manage your entire security program without an army of security experts. Save time. Save money. Save on manpower.

Automate and MOnitor

Never Miss a Step With Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Risk

Our platform continuously monitors your entire security program, instantly updating and alerting you to changes in your risk profile. Import and track vulnerability scans, or uploaded evidence to see it auto-populated and tracked across multiple frameworks and across your entire security program for up-to-the-minute risk status.

To ensure your team always knows which steps to take next, responsible parties are instantly and automatically notified of expired evidence, routine security tasks, and important deadlines. Continuous compliance ensures ongoing audit readiness and provides your organization with security they can bank on.

Report with 1-click

Auto-Generated, One-Click Reports — Loved by Boards and Auditors Alike

Whether reporting to the board or submitting your annual IT Audit, with Rivial, reporting is a simple, one-platform, one-click maneuver.

Our automated reports synthesize and organize your security information to autogenerate board and audit reports that make it easy to accurately and effectively communicate security posture, program progress, strategy, and compliance to experienced auditors as well as to board members with little to no security background. All of your stakeholders will certainly love Rivial’s automated, organized, and on-time reports, but none more than you.

Available Integrations

Connect with your favorite tools.

Our Solutions

Need the platform and the talent? Rivial and our partners can provide the manpower and expertise to meet all your security needs.

Every Rivial client and their individual level of need is different. Some clients need more than a cyber management platform, they need an experienced team to implement and run their security program. So in addition to our platform, Rivial offers a suite of solutions to make us the perfect fit to round out or act as your in-house security team.

vCISO Solution

Risk Management Solution

Compliance Management Solution

Vulnerability Management Solution

Choose incomparable. Choose Rivial.

The cybersecurity management platform you’ve only imagined in your wildest dreams is here.

The end-to-end, centralized platform you’ve been dreaming about is here. And, it’s so easy, so fast, and so powerful, it will give you goosebumps. (No, really. One of our clients actually got goosebumps during the demo.)

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