Vendor Cybersecurity Management software

Vendor Security for Heavily Regulated Industries


Whether you’re a bank, credit union, hospital, or any other organization in a heavily regulated industry, our platform makes it simple and streamlined for you to vet your third-party’s cybersecurity.

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Vendor Security

Our platform assists organizations in heavily regulated industries with efficient and effective vendor security management.


Streamline Vendor Risk Assessments

Our platform makes the process of conducting comprehensive vendor risk assessments simple, ensuring that vendors are evaluated against industry-specific regulations and compliance standards.


Continuously Monitor Complementary User Entity Controls

Implement continuous monitoring features to keep track of complimentary user entity controls and changes to security posture, making it possible to promptly identify and address any emerging risks or non-compliance issues.


Automate Vendor Attestations

Reduce the manual effort required for compliance verification and set up real-time control reviews based on predefined vendor attestations.


Streamline the Process

Streamline the process of vendor reviews with a standard list of controls to minimize security gaps and manual efforts.


Manage Vendor Security Documentation

Track and manage security policies, contractual obligations, and vendor agreements to ensure your vendors comply with specified security measures and contractual terms throughout the partnership.


Gain Visibility

Our platform provides a clear picture of where each vendor stands in their risk assessment, certifications, and more. Only then do you have a complete picture of each vendor’s cyber risk.


One-Click Reporting

Here at Rivial, we pride ourselves on making your day-to-day tasks easier, and one way we do this is through one-click reporting for all aspects of the platform.


Automate Audit Documentation

Automate the creation and maintenance of audit documentation related to vendor security, including those required for regulatory audits in order to streamline the compliance process.

Vendor Security Created by Security Experts

Keep track of your vendors' security programs, perform cybersecurity reviews on vendor solutions, and integrate findings with your cyber risk assessment.

Our cybersecurity platform assists companies in heavily regulated industries with efficient and effective vendor cybersecurity management to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations, enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience in the face of evolving threats.

Our system has the capability to retain vendor security documentation; a security professional simply needs to conduct a thorough review and assessment of the vendor's security measures.

Our platform provides predefined security assessments based on industry standards and regulations, but you can customize these to address specific concerns or compliance requirements unique to your industry.

Our platform streamlines the security professional's review of the vendor and can continuously update with an integration to a cyber security tool like Black Kite, ensuring that the security posture remains consistent over the course of the partnership.


Users have the option to configure the system in a manner that facilitates automatic updates of specific controls when one of their vendors aligns with a designated regulation, such as PCI or ISO.


Through one-click reporting, the Rivial platform generates automated reports summarizing the results of vendor risk assessments, providing insights into the overall security status and compliance of each vendor.


Our Record Speaks for Itself

The Rivial Platform boasts an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly interface. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll find it easy to navigate. The layout is clean, and the features are logically organized, making it a breeze to get started without the need for extensive training.

Transform your cyber program with six seamless modules and unlimited possibilities

Our automated platform is the only end-to-end, single pane of glass cyber governance solution. Backed with unlimited training and support by a team of top notch security pros, Rivial gives you everything you need to reimagine your security program and revolutionize the way you work. Explore our modules to learn more about our platform or schedule a demo to get started now.

See Rivial in Action

Our platform ensures a thorough and efficient vendor risk assessment process, allowing you to proactively manage and mitigate potential risks associated with your third-party relationships. You can see it for yourself by booking a demo with our team.

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