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Push aside your spreadsheets and your frustrations for simplicity


Eliminate repetitive tasks, de-duplicate effort, reduce human error, and tedious spreadsheets. Rivial’s program module gives security teams standardized workflows, convenient alerts and reminders, streamlined processes, targeted automation, and smart integrations for a powerfully unified cyber governance experience.

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Roadmap, manage, monitor, track, and report from one fully integrated hub for a simplified security workflow.

The governance module consists of nine sections to help you set and roadmap strategy, monitor progress, track findings, manage policies, manage your security calendar, generate reports, store documents, and more. A powerfully unified experience for security teams and stakeholders. Push your spreadsheets and frustrations aside and lean into the Rivial Platform, the new hub for all of your organization’s cybersecurity activities.


Roadmap Maturity

Use our our cybersecurity blueprint to easily set goals, track growth, and show progress across all facets of you cyber program. The platform uses this and other data to provide you with prioritized recommendations. You, your team, and the board will always have clear picture of your current posture and your path to maturity.


Track findings

No more toggling through tedious spreadsheets to document or track findings and figure out next steps. Track your findings and observations in the platform to automated trigger prioritized recommendations and action items. Save you or your team up to 2 days or more per month with an aggregated list of findings and next steps.


Manage Policies

The Policies section allows store, view, and track policies. You can easily monitor which users have acknowledged they’ve read the policy. Our Policy section is also conveniently equipped with version tracking.


Manage Responsibilities

Track and monitor responsibilities and action items for you and your team. Automated alerts and reminders keep you informed of status changes to your cyber program and let you know when tasks are due.


Schedule and Document Security Meetings

Use the built-in calendar and meetings sections to schedule security events and document meetings and notes. Your security meetings will automatically become part of your cybersecurity record. Easily run meeting reports or forward meeting notes to auditors and other stakeholders.


Manage Documents and Spreadsheets

The Rivial Platform virtually eliminates the need for spreadsheets and other loose documentation. However, we’ve made it easy to import, create, and store spreadsheets and other forms of documentation in the platform, keeping all of your security work centrally located.


Report in 1-click

Use our simple, self-guiding prompts to set parameters for a customized, auto-generated, ready-to-present report for the board and other security stakeholders. Whether you want to report on a specific facet of your program, or use the blueprint report to provide a concise, overall status report, Rivial makes it easy.



Connect to your most-used systems in seconds. In addition to continually adding to our list of built-in integrations, our platform easily accepts third-party custom integrations, for synchronization to your most used security and productivity tools for a truly one platform experience that is simple, secure, and seamless.

Governance Features Our Security Leaders Love

The cyber blueprint is your roadmap to maturity. Rivial makes it easy to goal set, track, show progress, and always know what steps to take next to continually improve your security program.

Everything you need in one place for top-to-bottom cyber governance. Manage policies, your security calendar, team tasks, meeting notes, findings, and more. We’ve even made it easy to upload a variety of documentation or build spreadsheets on the platform when you need them.

Finding tracking and automations provide your team with the prioritized recommendations and associated action items they need to know which steps to take and when to take them.

Automated status alerts and stakeholder reminders keep you in control and keeps your program on track.

Integrate all your security tools with easy API setup to connect seamlessly with the 3rd party apps you already use, including KnowBe4, Black Kite, Quantivate, and many more.

Automated 1-click reporting can eliminate hours or even days of work wrangling and organizing data for the board and other security stakeholders. simplified, streamlined reporting makes communicating progress and value easy.

The Rivial Team has been easy to work with since day one. During their onsite visit for our IT Audit, they showed professionalism in staff interviews and branch visits. Together we were able to augment our security program. Rivial ensured we were aware of compliance changes that were coming up and even held a conference call to go through them with the team.

Transform your cyber program with six seamless modules and unlimited possibilities

Our automated platform is the only end-to-end, single pane of glass cyber governance solution. Backed with unlimited training and support by a team of top notch security pros, Rivial gives you everything you need to reimagine your security program and revolutionize the way you work. Explore our modules to learn more about our platform or schedule a demo to get started now.

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