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Leverage our cybersecurity management platform to make clients happier with less effort.

Why Partner With Rivial Data Security

The Rivial Platform started out as an internal tool to help our consultants be more efficient. However, when clients started to see what we had created, they wanted in on it too. It was then we realized that we can't keep this best-in-class SMO tool all to ourselves.

Increase Gross Profit 3x

Double ACV & Reduce Consulting Time 30-80%

Lucrative Profit Margin on the Rivial Platform

No Minimum Sales Requirement - Subscription Fee Incurred Only Upon the Sale of a New Client

Training Video Library for Partners

Sales Training & Support

Operations Training & Support

Manage Your Own Customized Access to Internal & Sales Demo Portals

Create Custom Templates to Differentiate Your Services

Build Your Service Offering Around the Rivial Platform

Client Registration to Protect Leads

"I searched for weeks and came up empty handed. Nobody is doing what Rivial is doing."

Channel Partner vCISO