Many organizations need an experienced cybersecurity professional to build and maintain a robust security program but can’t afford expensive staff. Our combination of security expertise, a streamlined and fully integrated risk assessment model, and flexible IT GRC software provides a powerful solution to this dilemma.

Cybersecurity attacks and regulations aren’t going away anytime soon. If you haven’t implemented a robust cybersecurity program, now is the time and we can help.

Rivial CISO

Our goal for every service we offer is to be your long-term, trusted security partner. The CISO service is the pinnacle of that vision. You get all of the functionality and security expertise of a seasoned security team at a small fraction of what it would cost for full-time employees.

The service includes:

· Annual IT Risk Assessment and ongoing updates

· Complete policy framework customized and updated frequently

· Incident response planning, testing, and guidance

· Continuous compliance framework and daily/weekly/monthly task lists

· User awareness and training

· Flexible and dynamic reporting

· A convenient, web-based portal to oversee the entire program

A Holistic Approach

We believe that it is in your organization’s best interests to consider a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

We recommend that your IT security initiatives be fully integrated across your organization in order to provide a comprehensive IT security program.

Streamlining the process helps to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, it ensures a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and review of your organization’s security and compliance.

Start securing your business today. Contact us to speak to an IT cybersecurity expert and get a full and customized strategy for strengthening your IT security framework.