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fintech cybersecurity blueprint

Rivial's FinTech Cybersecurity Blueprint, the same used in our finCISO software solution, is a valuable tool for FinTechs to assess their current cybersecurity program.  

In the module below, use the drop downs to rate each category of your FinTech's cybersecurity program.  Use the automatically calculated ratings at the top of the module to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current cybersecurity efforts and where to focus to improve your security program.

After you've finished, print or download your results to reference while optimizing your FinTech's IT security program or to share with leadership or stakeholders. 

To download your results, click on the print icon and save as a PDF.

* Each category rating is out of 5

** The graph will not populate until 2 of the categories have been answered.

Go Over Your FinTech Cybersecurity Blueprint with a Rivial Expert

Enjoy a complimentary strategy session with our experts to examine your Cybersecurity Blueprint results.