Regulations are constantly evolving, and new cybersecurity threats are materializing all the time. Without a solid foundation of processes, technology, and philosophy, security companies can’t keep up.

We use our seven decades of experience, established frameworks, and advanced software tools to continuously update our services, keeping you at the vanguard of information security.

Why Our Methodology Is Important

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We've Stood In Your CISO Shoes

Rivial knows what financial institutions need because we’ve stood where you stand. Randy Lindberg, our founder, was formerly in charge of information security for a $4 billion bank. With Randy at the helm, our team has helped hundreds of institutions improve their security, and we continue to use every experience to optimize future engagements.

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We Are Guided by the Gold Standard in Risk Assessment

Our approach is based on the NIST 800-30 guide, considered the gold standard in risk assessment methodologies. Rivial assessments combine elements of the NIST framework with cutting-edge techniques to deliver effective, actionable suggestions quickly and with minimal friction.

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You Get the Benefit and Certainty Behind the Modern Tools and Software We Use

Truly modern IT audits and risk assessments can’t be accomplished with spreadsheets and checklists. We leverage custom GRC software to create more comprehensive and efficient processes. Our toolbox includes penetration testing technology and social engineering skills designed to accurately gauge an organization’s vulnerability.


Rivial audits and risk assessments are technology-driven experiences. We’ve partnered with Quantivate, a leading GRC software provider, to develop a suite of tools specifically designed for the financial industry.
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Quantivate was developed in partnership with Rivial and has our risk assessment methodology baked in.
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The Quantitate platform enables Rivial to easily tailor their services to the specific needs of your organization.
Swiftly manage your risk assessment program and access critical reports from the Quantitate dashboard.


Rivial reports are easy-to-read, contain actionable suggestions, and are designed to help you prioritize your compliance, risk, and security programs. In other words, they don’t waste your time.
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