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Risk Management Software

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Trusted Risk Management Software

Serving Clients More Effectively & Efficiently

Our team of IT and cybersecurity experts is backed by sophisticated, intelligent risk management software that creates a potent mix of expertise and technology. Some might call it magic. We call it the Rivial Information Security Center. It’s a tool we utilize to take care of clients better than anybody else in the business.

Our IT risk management software was developed by Rivial experts, for Rivial experts, so we can add extreme value to your cybersecurity program. You can see the value in real-time with instant reports. Let our software-driven services show you the power of wrapping risk management, compliance tracking, and security testing into one real-time solution.

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The Risk Management Software Difference

Innovative Software for IT & Cybersecurity Management

Real-Time Streamlined Reporting

Ongoing Security Updates

Centralized Security System

Maximizing Efficiencies

Our IT Risk Management Software


Continuous Compliance

Ongoing security compliance using a combination of proprietary software and easy-to-read deliverables.


Real-Time Risk

An assessment of your data, systems, and controls, followed by ongoing updates.


Virtual CISO

We conduct comprehensive, software-driven management of your security program.


Integrated Testing

One-click internal scanning to identify vulnerabilities before criminals do.

Rivial uses a very collaborative approach. The recommendations from their audits and assessments are valuable and actionable. Not the pedantic sort we have seen from other firms.

IT Director – IT Audit, Network Penetration Testing, User Training

Pictured: Danny Rowell, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer   

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