Rivial’s information security services go way beyond checking boxes. Whether you’re looking to maintain compliance, manage risk, improve cybersecurity, or all of the above, Rivial has the tools, the people, and the experience to help you do it right.

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We Start By Assessing Your IT Risk

In order to minimize vulnerabilities and effectively manage risk, you need a clear understanding of your current security program and a step-by-step plan for improving it.

Rivial risk assessments start with a conversation about your organizational goals. With these in mind, we take an in-depth look at your controls and operations, then create a strategic roadmap which outlines the key issues you face and our advice for resolving them.

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We Make IT Audits Less Stressful by Managing Them Differently

FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, NCUA, PCI DSS, the list goes on. Banks and credit unions answer to an evolving alphabet of agencies with strict regulations regarding information security.

Rivial streamlines the audit process to minimize business disruption, ensure compliance, and deliver continuing value above and beyond what’s required by law.

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Get Virtual CISO to Lead Your IT Security Transformation

As cyber attacks become more prevalent and regulations tighten, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, many financial institutions can’t afford to add another person to the C-suite.

Rivial created the vCISO service to help these organizations develop, implement, and maintain best-in-class security programs without hiring a full-time executive.

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We Test Your Cybersecurity for Vulnerabilities Before Criminals Do

Our experts stay up-to-date on the latest cyber attack and phishing strategies and use them to test your systems, identifying weak points before criminals do.

In addition, Rivial works to identify risks exposed by your third-party vendors. With thorough assessments and careful testing, you can protect your organization from cyber attack and data breach threats.

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Want Us to Assess Your Third-Party Vendors?

You can completely protect your own IT environment and still be vulnerable to cyber threats. Third-party vendors with access to your sensitive data can leave you exposed to attacks.

Rivial works to identify risks exposed by your third-party vendors, giving you the information you need to stay compliant with vendor security regulations and avoid a data breach.

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