Data Risk Assessment

Comprehensive Risk Assessment Services

                Pictured: Randy Lindberg, CEO; Lucas Hathaway, Operations Manager; Jennifer Lindberg, Accountant


Data Protection Risk Assessment

Rivial’s team of Risk Experts have created a one-of-a-kind data risk assessment methodology that gives a holistic look at your IT Risk and data protection needs. Using timesaving modifications and innovative reporting capabilities, we have created both one time and ongoing solutions so you can easily and confidently measure where you currently sit, and manage how to handle the next risk hurdle.

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Risk Assessment Services


IT Risk Assessment

Rivial's streamlined, comprehensive approach to risk assessment will secure your systems and set you up for success. 


Real-Time Risk

Threat doesn't stop, neither should your security. Simultaneously identify and mitigate your risk 24 hours a day.

We wanted our risk assessments to be more than a checkbox for compliance. Rivial really understood the value we can get out of our risk assessments, elevating them to a productive process to determine our current security posture and the controls needed to mature our security program.

IT Risk Assessment

Pictured: Lucas Hathaway, Operations Manager   

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