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Same Outcome, Better Approach

Continuous Compliance

With a cybersecurity team made up of previous ISOs, we've received and performed enough traditional IT Audits to know it could be done better.  Continuous Compliance is just that, a better way to accomplish your IT Audit.

Continuous Compliance satisfies the growing demand from auditors to see that organizations are instituting on-going information security practices.

You can feel confident that the Rivial team has a a thorough understanding of all FFIEC, FDIC, OCC, NCUA, PCI DSS, ISO, and HIPPA regulations. 

Using the Rivial Platform, Continuous Compliance:

  • Smooths out the workload of collecting evidence over the year instead of just a few weeks before your audit
  • Eases annual auditor-time anxiety
  • Makes is easy to monitor your compliance progress
  • Improves security by notifying you when a control isn't operating effectively within weeks, not once a year
  • Makes your Audit report available at the click of a button

The Rivial Platform: Compliance

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