Continuous Compliance for IT & Cybersecurity


Proactive IT Compliance

Eliminate the Questionable Security and Painful Process of Annual IT Audits

Using a combination of our expert consultants and in-house software, Continuous Compliance provides you with a software portal to identify your security control requirements, track control progress, collect evidence, and audit your security program compliance so you can take a proactive approach to IT & Cybersecurity compliance. Our Continuous Compliance solution helps banks, credit unions, and other institutions with IT compliance needs.

Cybersecurity is currently in the spotlight , and the pressure to stay compliant with new laws and practices can cause momentum-stopping disruptions to business. Our Continuous Compliance solution proactively reminds control owners to collect evidence as they are already performing security controls. The evidence is validated and stored in a central repository, that is easily accessible by compliance staff.

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Continuous IT Compliance for Banks & Financial Institutions

Why Continuous IT & Cybersecurity Compliance?

Real Time Insights into Control Deficiency

Anytime Access to Dashboard Reporting

Ongoing Security Control Review

Eliminate Audit Stress

One Click Reporting

Proactive Security

The services have a lot of value. As a risk geek, I think it is impressive. Rivial’s continuous approach represents an evolution in risk and compliance management. Internally it helps me market the idea that the outputs from these services are informing the way we run our business.

Chief Risk Officer - IT Risk Management, IT Audit, Network Penetration Testing, Social Engineering

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