IT Risk Assessment

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Financial institutions face countless threats and risks that make security a critical concern for the whole organization. Your business relies on its ability to be a secure place for your customer’s money and information.

Without a comprehensive, top-down assessment of operations and controls, you’re assets and resources are exposed to the threat of data security breaches.

An in-depth IT risk assessment will help you identify potential internal and external situations that will negatively impact the strategic processes of your business.

Rivial IT Risk Assessment

Our goal is to be your guide in the complex world of cyber security.

We work with your team to adapt to your specific security needs and organizational goals. The Rivial Risk Assessment methodology was created for exactly that.

Ultimately, we’ll help your business achieve its goals by developing a formal risk strategy that aids your decision making while reducing costs, increasing efficiency and helping you deliver a better service to your customers.

Key Benefits of the Rivial IT Risk Assessment

Strategic Roadmap

We’ll provide you with a fully defined, easy to read report that identifies the key data privacy and security compliance issues you face. All issues are assigned a severity rating and come with actionable recommendations for allocating resources towards remedial measures.

Organizational Buy-In

Our method is aimed at addressing management as well as the IT team and all other relevant departments. This helps to ensure a more effective approach towards establishing security as part of your organization’s culture.

Improved Productivity

By creating a formalized review structure and implementing self-analysis methods and features throughout your organization, you will improve the productivity of IT security operations in the future.

Reduced Costs

By understanding which security investments are necessary and which aren’t, you will be able to allocate your budget intelligently. Investment in unnecessary or redundant operational, support or maintenance can be cut out.

Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance

Our security experts employ tried and tested methods, industry best practices and leading technologies. We make sure to not just meet, but also exceed the regulatory requirements you’re bound by. Rest assured you will receive a premium quality service normally reserved for the largest institutions.

Key Features

  • Methodology based on NIST 800-30 and customized based on Rivial’s 15 years of risk assessment experience
  • Customizable assessment process and reporting based on your specific needs and requirements
  • Dynamic integration with IT Audit, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Vendor Management programs
  • Meet regulations: Financial (FFIEC, NCUA, FDIC, 23 NYCR 500, HIPAA, PCI, and more)

A Holistic Approach

We believe that it is in your organization’s best interests to consider a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

We recommend that your IT security initiatives be fully integrated across your organization in order to provide a comprehensive IT security program.

Streamlining the process helps to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, it ensures a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and review of your organization’s security and compliance.

Start securing your business today. Contact us to speak to an IT cybersecurity expert and get a full and customized strategy for strengthening your IT security framework.