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Understanding your organizational risk puts you in the best position to make sound decisions and avoid unwelcome incidents. Trusting the Rivial Team with your IT Risk Assessment Process will prepare you and your IT system for what may be down the road, and set you up for success.

Rivial’s exclusive IT risk-assessment methodology is based on NIST 800-30, considered to be the gold standard in the risk management field. We’ve tailored this framework over 18 years of experience and experimentation, developing a streamlined method for completing comprehensive IT security assessments quickly and painlessly.

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Rivial's IT Risk Assessment Approach

Comprehensive Risk Management for Banks & Financial Institutions

Comprehensive Risk Reporting

Business-Minded Recommendations

Accurate Reporting of Risk

High-Level Views for Board of Directors

Granular Breakouts for IT Managers and Security Teams

Identify Gaps in Security

Examiner Interfacing to Ensure Compliance

High-Touch, Responsive Service

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The assessment Rivial did for us provided a ton of value. We were given a well-organized, high-quality report that spoke clearly to our Board and outlined technical details later in the document. Our examiners appreciated the thorough work that was done and the reporting format. I enjoyed working with Rivial and plan to do so again in the future.

CEO – IT Risk Assessment

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