Managed IT Risk

A risk assessment is like a roadmap to strategize, implement, and mature an effective security program. Why not make this plan malleable, accounting for your ever-evolving security landscape?

Rivial's Managed IT Risk service does just that. We've specially created software that models the risk you face and allows you to identify and correct the key data privacy and security-related issues you face as they arise. 


Be Confident in a Streamlined Process

We begin the process by performing an initial risk assessment based off our exclusive methodology. Where the process gets truly incredible is in the implementation of the Rivial Key Risk Indicators. These indicators are based off an external risk intelligence feed that outlines threat types and how they interact with your information systems and assets. From here, you'll receive real-time risk intelligence updates and analysis to refine your key control to keep you and your assets safer. 


How We Manage the Process

Your online dashboard is going to be the home base for your Managed Risk roadmap. It's the where you'll look to gauge your risk management over time and measure external threats.

Along with this, we'll be on board for quarterly reviews, decision meetings, and reporting. You'll also get an annual budget plan with actionable advice for allocating security resources, and an annual onsite assessment. Oh, and did we mention the full integration with Managed Compliance?

Checklist of Rivial Security's Managed Risk Assessment

What Clients Are Saying

We have worked with Randy and his staff for three years specifically for our IT risk assessment. Rivial's methodologies and reporting has been well received by our 3rd party auditors and regulatory examiners. One of the best things about Rivial is that they take the time to understand the financial institution's needs and offer the right level of service. They are not interested in selling you unnecessary services. Randy and his staff are so easy with which to work and we are very happy with Rivial's performance. So much that we just signed a multi-year renewal for our IT risk assessment adding IT compliance audit and penetration testing.
CIO, $220M Credit Union
We wanted our risk assessments to be more than a check box for compliance. Rivial really understood the value we can get out of our risk assessments, elevating them to a productive process to determine our current security posture and the controls needed to mature our security program.
CIO, $7B Credit Union
The security testing Rivial did for us provided a ton of value. We were given a well-organized, high-quality report that spoke clearly to our Board and outlined technical details later in the document. Our examiners appreciated the thorough testing done and the reporting format. I enjoyed working with Rivial and plan to do so again in the future.
CEO, $200M Credit Union
We had a practice of rotating our IT audit to get “different” looks, but after our very positive experience and comfort level with Rivial, we have kept them on for 3 years now. We feel we get a great thorough audit without the big learning curve and the risk of not finding a competent company. I would highly recommend Rivial.
CFO, $600M Bank
Randy and his team were easy to work with since day one. During their onsite visit for our IT Audit, they showed professionalism in staff interviews and branch visits. Together we were able to augment our security program. Rivial ensured we were aware of compliance changes that were coming up and even held a conference call to go through them with the team.
CIO, $259M Credit Union
Rivial uses a very collaborative approach. The recommendations from their audits and assessments are valuable and actionable. Not the pedantic sort we have seen from other firms.
IT Director, $700M Bank
We began using Rivial Security in 2015 and have been very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism. Their work is top notch and the Audit Committee appreciates the scope and depth of their work. In addition, Randy is a valued consultant. He helps us in planning and designing our IT security environment. We feel that our relationship with Rivial is much more than an audit relationship. We have a value-added relationship that strengthens our IT function.
CFO, $100M Bank

Interested In Our IT Assessment?

We start by giving you visibility into your cybersecurity risks with an assessment.