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Security Awareness Training

Train Your Employees How To Keep Your Data Secure

With more than 80% of data breaches involving social engineering, the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging information that they shouldn’t, we can’t sit back and hope that our team members are taking security seriously.

With our User Training Program, Rivial can keep your team aware of the latest social engineering trends, and teach the best IT practices to prevent these types of targeted attacks. 


Rivial's security awareness training, annual social engineering tests, as well as KnowBe4 Software give a well-rounded education to your institution's employees. 

Bringing these cybersecurity awareness training services together with an online platform that tracks and documents the training of each user, makes it easy to understand where improvements can be made in regards to training employees at your institution.

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User Training Services

IT, Data Security & Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

Custom Email Phishing Campaign and Website Creation

Social Engineering Phone Calls

On-Site Security Testing

Ongoing Phishing Campaigns

Reporting on Risky Employees

Periodic Staff Risk Testing

Ongoing best practices training

Rivial uses a very collaborative approach. The recommendations from their audits and assessments are valuable and actionable. Not the pedantic sort we have seen from other firms.

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