Security Testing

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

As hackers develop more advanced techniques, they become adept at exploiting vulnerabilities without detection, making it almost impossible to protect against.

In the case that your organization is targeted, any resulting security beach could be catastrophic.

By conducting a penetration test you stay one step ahead of criminals by finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Rivial Security Testing

The Rivial Penetration Testing process will help your organization gain a real-world understanding of the security risk to your infrastructure, applications and resources.

We start the testing process with a vulnerability assessment and other reconnaissance to lay the groundwork for the penetration testing procedure.

For the penetration test itself, our highly skilled security analyst will simulate the actions of an actual attacker, using the same tools they use, to determine any weaknesses in your computer and network security.

The testing also helps us to determine what sensitive data is actually exposed to outside elements. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer both internal and external penetration testing services.

The intelligence gathered from penetration testing will help your organization to lower the risk you’re exposed to, generate actionable solutions to any vulnerability and keep your business running smoothly.

Key Benefits of Rivial Penetration Testing

Full Compliance with Regulations and Guidelines

Organizations are required to conduct independent testing of their security controls to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of confidential information. Our service ensures that you’ll meet all the necessary requirements for compliance.

Comprehensive Assessment of Real World Vulnerabilities

Our world-class expert security analysts have a decade of IT security experience specializing in financial institutions. We’re constantly up to date with the newest hacking trends, discoveries and technologies to ensure that no new vulnerabilities are missed in any testing. We have the expertise and ingenuity to keep your organization safe and put your mind at ease.

Collaborative & Ethical Approach

We work with you to understand your organization’s goals, core capabilities and threats to get a complete understanding of all your processes. We carry out all penetration testing with full disclosure and complete transparency so you are fully aware of all goings on at all times.

Actionable & Usable Report

All testing results in a simple, easy to understand report that provides a list of prioritized recommendations to improve network defenses. The recommendations we make consider cost-benefit and are written in non-technical terms that can be understood by all decision makers.

Key Features

  • Scoping and rules of engagement
  • Identification and analysis of multiple attack vectors
  • Exploit testing and penetration attacking
  • Immediate notification of critical risks
  • Extensive information gathering including public record search, web presence analysis, email harvesting, and DNS interrogation
  • Retest: Following completion of the initial penetration test, analysts will conduct retesting of initial findings to determine remediation progress

A Holistic Approach

We believe that it is in your organization’s best interests to consider a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

We recommend that your IT security initiatives be fully integrated across your organization in order to provide a comprehensive IT security program.

Streamlining the process helps to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, it ensures a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and review of your organization’s security and compliance.

Start securing your business today. Contact us to speak to an IT cybersecurity expert and get a full and customized strategy for strengthening your IT security framework.