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An Educated Team is Your Best Defense

Manipulating someone into acting inappropriately is much easier than sneaking past a firewall, and hackers are capitalizing on it. Over 80% of security breaches involve social engineering, which is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging information that they shouldn’t. Because of this, it is necessary for us to test our employees and see where, or who, our weaknesses are. Rivial’s social engineering testing uses a mix of custom phishing email and website combinations, phone calls, and in person physical testing to see who is vulnerable.

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Social Engineering Testing Services

Custom Email Phishing Campaign and Website Creation

Social Engineering Phone Calls

Physical Security Testing

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Reporting on Risky Employees

We have worked with Randy and his staff for three years specifically for our IT risk assessment. Rivial’s methodologies and reporting has been well received by our 3rd party auditors and regulatory examiners. One of the best things about Rivial is that they take the time to understand the financial institutions needs and offer the right level of service. They are not interested in selling you unnecessary services. Randy and his staff are so easy with which to work and we are very happy with Rivial’s performance.

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