Cybersecurity Solutions

Every organization needs experienced cybersecurity professionals to build and maintain a robust security program. But the availability and expense of staffing qualified experts can be taxing for many banks and credit unions.

Rivial's suite of ongoing solutions provides a powerful fix for this dilemma. Our combination of advanced software tools, established framework, and a seasoned security team provides you with both functionality and peace of mind. 


We Track Your IT Security Compliance Program

Continuous Compliance provides you with a dashboard that identifies all your security control requirements, tracks control progress, collects evidence, and audits your security program compliance so you can focus your attention on what truly matters to your business.


Count on us  for Ongoing Risk Management

Give yourself a customizable roadmap to strategize, implement, and mature an effective security program. We leverage specially configured software that models the risk you face and allows you to identify and correct the key cybersecurity-related issues you face as they arise. 

Move beyond the annual risk assessment and wondering if you're secure during the other 11 months of the year. Our Risk Management solution measures your IT Risk throughout the year as threats and your information systems change.


We Provide Social Engineering Security Training 

Strength in software is only half the battle. Since over 80% of hackers leverage social engineering in an attack, every financial institution needs their squad to be adequately trained to fend off these attempts. Let the experts at Rivial Data Security give you the upper hand. 


Get a Virtual CISO to Lead 

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has become a standard fixture in the C-suites of many banks and credit unions. The Rivial Virtual CISO service allows you to build and bolster your security program and fulfill regulatory requirements without the overhead of a full-time security pro. 

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