Vendor Assessments

In today’s interconnected economy, many financial institutions rely on third-party vendors for critical services. Unfortunately, when those vendors have access to your sensitive data, they can expose you to attacks. Many of the largest data breaches in history have been direct results of third-party risk.

Rivial helps mitigate this risk through a thorough examination of your vendor network.


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Are All Your IT Security Vendors Compliant With the Latest?

Many regulatory authorities understand the tremendous risk associated with third-party vendor security. As a result, they’ve updated their regulations to include vendor security requirements. A Rivial vendor assessment helps banks and credit unions stay compliant with these regulations.

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Are Current Security Controls Leaving Your Institution Vulnerable?

Your third-party vendors might not be aware that their information security controls and policies (or lack thereof) are leaving you at risk. By the time they figure it out, it might be too late. Don’t wait for someone else to take action. Trust Rivial to identify poor security practices among your vendors before hackers do.

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Identify Vendor Accountability Gaps

Some vendors need to have access to your critical data in order to effectively perform their services. Others definitely don’t. With a Rivial vendor assessment, you can gain insight into which vendors have access to which data, and take action to make sure that only the ones who truly need it have it.

What Clients Are Saying

Rivial helps you through every step of the process and liaises with all the processors involved in your company. Then a few weeks later you get the results of your audit in a very easy to read report which the NCUA examiners are more than happy with. They really do make a very difficult process easy to implement from start to finish a real joy to work with.
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CEO, $40M Credit Union
The security testing Rivial did for us provided a ton of value. We were given a well-organized, high-quality report that spoke clearly to our Board and outlined technical details later in the document. Our examiners appreciated the thorough testing done and the reporting format. I enjoyed working with Rivial and plan to do so again in the future.
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CEO, $200M Credit Union
We have worked with Randy and his staff for three years specifically for our IT risk assessment. Rivial's methodologies and reporting has been well received by our 3rd party auditors and regulatory examiners. One of the best things about Rivial is that they take the time to understand the financial institution's needs and offer the right level of service. They are not interested in selling you unnecessary services. Randy and his staff are so easy with which to work and we are very happy with Rivial's performance. So much that we just signed a multi-year renewal for our IT risk assessment adding IT compliance audit and penetration testing.
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CIO, $220M Credit Union
We had a practice of rotating our IT audit to get “different” looks, but after our very positive experience and comfort level with Rivial, we have kept them on for 3 years now. We feel we get a great thorough audit without the big learning curve and the risk of not finding a competent company. I would highly recommend Rivial.
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CFO, $600M Bank
Rivial uses a very collaborative approach. The recommendations from their audits and assessments are valuable and actionable. Not the pedantic sort we have seen from other firms.
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IT Director, $700M Bank

Learn If You Are Being Exposed by Third Party Vendors

Contact us to find out what risks you’re being exposed to by third-party vendors.