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With limited resources, it can be challenging for financial institutions to comply with the copious regulations that are placed upon them. At Rivial, we offer trusted cybersecurity solutions and software that alleviate the heavy burden that is placed on your cybersecurity role. Let us help with your security program to help maintain the compliance that you need, while alleviating some of the pressure put upon your position.

Our cybersecurity expert advisors will help manage key elements of your security program with you, make business-friendly recommendations, and report to management and the Board of Directors on your behalf. And it’s all tracked in our innovative software. Our services and software are customized to where you will still be able to accomplish your job in the fashion that you like, but will have some of the weight lifted off of your shoulders.

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Solve Cybersecurity Problems Fast

Custom Cybersecurity Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Save time and energy running your security program

Efficient and effective risk management

Ongoing security and compliance

Integrated software to help you track details

Data for real security decision-making

Cybersecurity Expert Advisors


Real-Time Risk

Make researched and vetted decisions about cybersecurity with ongoing risk assessment and treatment.


Continuous Compliance

Consistent validation of security controls to eliminate disruption and worry over upcoming IT audits.


Integrated Testing

Regular internal and external network testing to ensure that you aren’t opening the door for unwanted visitors.


Employee Training

Continuous phishing simulations and annual training to protect against social engineering attacks.


GRC Software

Services that integrate with Quantivate’s award winning GRC platform for ERM, VM, BC, and more.

Randy and his team were easy to work with since day one. During their onsite visit for our IT Audit, they showed professionalism in staff interviews and branch visits. Together we are able to augment our security program. Rivial ensured we were aware of compliance changes that were coming up and even held a conference call to go through them with the team.

CIO – IT Audit, PCI Assessment, Vendor Cybersecurity Assessments

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