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The Ultimate vCISO Tool

Go from managing 10 clients

to 30 clients with the Rivial Platform.

The Ultimate vCISO Tool

Go from managing 2-3 clients to 10-12

clients with the Rivial Platform.

Virtual CISO

Meet the platform that every vCISO will be using in the future. The Rivial platform is a single pane of glass for cyber risk quantification and holistic cybersecurity management. This is your solution for a collaborative, seamless, and integrated way to manage cybersecurity for your own organization or for your clients.

  • Manage all clients with consistency in one place
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Real-time reports always available with 1 click
  • Easy and quick onboarding
  • Increase client load without increasing time spent
  • Manage program(s) from your phone

6 Fully Integrated Modules

In the Rivial Platform, our six modules are constantly syncing with each other. For example, when a change happens in the compliance module, the risk module will automatically update to reflect those changes. This is a massive time savings for any vCISO and results in better IT security.
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Your efficiency will skyrocket with the Rivial Platform's automations, email notifications, risk-compliance syncing, and 1-click reports. Looking to save even more time?  Check out our growing list of integrations.

But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Schedule a demo of the Rivial Platform and start your transformation.