Vendor Cybersecurity Assessment

Your third-party service providers leave you open to security breaches.

Most high-profile breaches in the past few years have been a result of cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities in third-party service providers.

Using vendors is now a necessity for most organizations. While they do bring a lot of value, they also bring a degree of risk, as they have access to your sensitive information.

Senior management has a responsibility to assess not only their own IT security but that of vendors they partner up with in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive commercial data.

Rivial Vendor Cybersecurity Assessment

We will help you understand the risks you are exposed to by your IT service providers.

Through a clear and systematic process, we work with you to evaluate all potential risks to your organization’s information assets stored and transmitted by third party IT systems.

The end result is a complete understanding of the risk introduced by outsourced IT services as well as actions you can take to help accept, mitigate, or transfer the risk.

This way you can strengthen your vendor partnerships, maximize growth opportunities and at the same time mitigate risks.

Key Benefits of Rivial Vendor Management

Compliance with Cybersecurity Due Diligence Requirements

Information Security regulations and guidelines require an organization to conduct cybersecurity evaluations on all outsourced IT Service Providers. Our expert security analysts employ methodology based on standard best practices and exceed all regulatory requirements. With us you’ll have all your bases covered.

Generate Competitive Advantage

As innovative and niche technology vendors join the digital financial niche, there are more opportunities to generate competitive advantage and increase revenue. With our extensive and streamlined vendor cybersecurity risk assessment you can take advantage of existing and new vendor services with full confidence in the security of your data.

Strengthen and Balance Vendor Relationships

Our vendor cybersecurity risk assessments help you fully understand your service provider’s operations allowing you to approach the relationship on equal footing. This helps you to move towards long-term relationships over transactional-based relationships.

Consolidate Your IT Risk Assessments

The vendor cybersecurity risk assessment can be grouped together with that of your internally managed IT systems to provide an all-encompassing IT Risk Management program for your organization.

Key Features Include

  • Risk Assessment Methodology based on NIST Guidelines
  • Customizable assessment process and reporting
  • Dynamic integration with your IT Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity, and Vendor Management programs
  • Simplified compliance processes and integration with enterprise-wide IT Risk Assessment

A Holistic Approach

We believe that it is in your organization’s best interests to consider a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

We recommend that your IT security initiatives be fully integrated across your organization in order to provide a comprehensive IT security program.

Streamlining the process helps to significantly reduce costs and, more importantly, it ensures a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and review of your organization’s security and compliance.

Start securing your business today. Contact us to speak to an IT cybersecurity expert and get a full and customized strategy for strengthening your IT security framework.