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Virtual CISO as a Service

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Due to the increasing complexity of cybersecurity and IT compliance concerns, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has become a standard fixture in the C-suites of major corporations. Some states have even mandated that banks and credit unions add a CISO to their leadership. While smaller organizations face many of the same risks as major institutions, not everyone can afford another executive on the payroll.

The Rivial Virtual CISO service helps your organization build and bolster your information security programs and fulfill regulatory requirements without breaking the bank.

With Rivial’s full-time consulting team of experts filling in as your CISO, you’ll receive a complete, customized policy framework, an incident response plan, a continuous compliance framework, and thorough training for your workforce. We’ll update and test your policies and programs regularly, in addition to performing annual risk assessments.

We’re an extension of your executive team. Our qualified Virtual CISO experts help you steer your information security initiatives, fulfill regulatory requirements, and improve your overall security posture — and you’ll accomplish it all for far less than the salary of a CISO. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our approach to CISO as a Service.


Virtual CISO Services

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