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Cybersecurity Webinars

Rivial Data Security experts share their expertise on a variety of cybersecurity topics to help you with best practices and to mature your cybersecurity program.


The Future of Cyber Risk: Quantification

Join Rivial Data Security’s founder as he reviews the fundamentals of a solid risk assessment, reveals advanced techniques for improving the measurement of risk, and uncovers secrets to success he has learned in his nearly two decades of designing and performing IT risk assessments.


How to Effectively Communicate Cybersecurity Risks to the Board

It has always been challenging for security leaders to communicate the value of cybersecurity investments to the board. Giving transparency about the weakness of organizations can be uncomfortable but it is essential to increase the Cybersecurity level. As an IT Manager, CISO, or CSO, your understanding of risk and compliance is intimate and understood in infosec terminology. You must offer board executives a set of data to help them make informed decisions based upon the optimal management. However, the Board of Directors expect brevity, and examine business practices from a birds-eye perspective.


SMO: Unify Your Cybersecurity Program

Do you find your cybersecurity program to be disjointed, hard to manage, or doesn’t deliver the value you need? Do you have difficulty communicating risk in a meaningful way to other business units? We will address the importance of these issues, especially considering how important security programs are these days, and how to conquer these issues once and for all!



Laying a Solid Foundation for any Cybersecurity Program

Whether your cybersecurity team is a one-person show or an army, one thing is absolutely necessary: a solid foundation for your management program. This webinar explores the must-haves for building an effective IT risk and security program.


IT Exam Prep Checklist

Your IT audit helps to ensure the effectiveness of your security program – and, although it may cause stress and anxiety, it’s a very important process everyone must go through. Yes, I get it. My organization’s data IT audit serves a good purpose, but more often than not, it’s burdensome and distracts me from far more pressing work. We hear you! During this webinar you'll learn how to make your IT Audit go as smoothly as possible using the Rivial IT Exam Prep Checklist.


Live Cyberseecurity Q&A

The Rivial team opens up the last webinar of the year to answer all your cybersecurity questions and share a few predictions for 2022. Watch our experts answer questions about staffing, regulations, tools and more during this live Q&A webinar.


A Cybersecurity Event Just Happened! What’s Next?

Regardless of your company’s size, you need to have incident response steps in place to ensure that you take proactive rather than reactive action to stop the breach in its tracks, and to quickly and efficiently deal with any fallout that can occur as a result of the occurrence. In this webinar you will learn the 6 incident response steps to include in your plan.


Managing Vendor Cybersecurity

Vendor incidents are making headlines everywhere. Blackbaud, SolarWinds, Kaseya – and even AWS have all been victims of recent security breaches. Understanding how to manage your vendors and how to conduct proper cybersecurity due diligence are key to understanding your cybersecurity program and mitigating risk. Gain insight into the controls you need to implement to mitigate risk in your vendor ecosystem.


Cybersecurity 101: How to Assess IT Risk like a Pro

If you need to do an IT risk assessment and aren’t sure where to start, or if you have been doing one for years and want to make sure you’re covering everything, this is for you.  Rivial's experts will review the fundamentals of a solid risk assessment, reveal advanced techniques for improving the measurement of risk, and uncover a few secrets to success that can only be learned from more than two decades of designing and performing IT risk assessments.


Cybersecurity 401: How to Manage IT Risk Like a Pro

Rivial Data Security uses several advanced techniques in our IT Risk Assessment that reduce the amount of effort required of our clients, streamline the process of collecting risk information, and improve the risk assessment results.



Making 'Cents' of Cybersecurity Risk

Get expert tips for navigating some of the challenges of IT risk management. You’ll come away with solutions for measuring and managing cybersecurity risk through effective assessment methods that help you demonstrate and communicate the value of IT risk management to stakeholders at your organization.

Reporting Cybersecurity to the Board

Cybersecurity is a top concern for boards of directors or any stakeholder, but trying to present to a group with varying levels of cybersecurity knowledge can be difficult. We’ll show you how to explain your cybersecurity and mitigation strategies in a way everyone can understand, ensuring that all parties are on the same page and you can move forward with the confidence of your stakeholders.


The Best Low-Cost Security Tools for 2021

We all have a duty to our organization to be budget-conscious, but as cybersecurity professionals, we never want to sacrifice the quality of security. During this webinar we will discuss how you can get “the most bang for your buck” in terms of available cybersecurity solutions and resources.


3 Secrets to an Easier IT Audit

The dreaded IT audit. So much work, so little payoff. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Randy Lindberg and Lucas Hathaway are going to share the insider secrets to making the whole IT audit process less stressful, more useful to your institution, and much much easier.



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